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  3 2 minutes
6 days ago
Lying Vocabulary
We know that lying is wrong, but we all do it from time to time! Here is some useful vocabulary...
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6 days ago
我们来做练习: 这个练习是关于汉语拼音中的韵母“a,o,e”。 一、 读一读,写一写 Read and write Let's read and write the letters. 二、按要求标出四个声调。Write...
  2 a minute
12 days ago
Special women !
Dear verblingers, as usual on the 8th of March, we celebrate women's day. But how do we want to celebrate...
  6 2 minutes
17 days ago
Tet Holiday in Vietnam
The Lunar New Year is an important event for the majority of Southeast Asia countries. It is known as...