How to pronounce 'ch' in Italian

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Melanie ChircopАнглийский
7 сентября 2016 г.
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Italian is not a difficult language to read and pronounce. Nevertheless, so often I hear my students pronounce 'ch' in perché in an English way like 'ch' in cherry. That is a very common mistake. Here is a short tip to remember how to pronounce the sound /k/ in Italian. Memorise this in your head and apply it when you are unsure.

/k/ sound like 'kind'

| Chi, che | l'h c'è. | The 'h' is there |

|Ca, co, cu|l'h non c'è più. | The 'h' isn't there |

Now try and read these words:
chilometro, chele, casa, corpo, cubo.

Once you know how to read and write these words, your brain registers them as an example and it will be easier to write other similar words.

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