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What is a bubble? What is inflation?

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A bubble is when speculation drives prices higher:


What is inflation?

Inflation is when prices are driven up. Low interest rates can cause this, along with the corruption of a national currency through massive printing, or dilution of the pure elements. It is a form of corruption.

Have you experienced inflation? When you went to the supermarket and the bill was higher?
That's inflation. The ordinary saver who has little or no debt, must be careful about inflation, this is one of the ways that the banks and governments rob us silently and they hope we don't notice, but we do. Inflation, you see it in your food prices, but if you are observant you will see it in house prices, property, stock market, and precious metals. Everything is going higher but you are still earning the same as always. Why?

What is the current inflation rate? It is difficult to say. Gold is over $2,000, the stock market, these things hide the real inflation, the real devaluation of the currency that you earn. It is worth less every single day. Worth less, worthless. I don't have precious metals, stock or anything else, but I know what is going on. It's nefarious. It's corruption. When Nero diluted the currency in ancient Rome, adding copper to the silver coins, he was robbing the people. The same people are there doing the same things. Technology has changed, methods have changed but the system is the same system.

Values, values values, what do you value, what is important to you? The truth will always be revealed. It cannot be hidden, it will always shine bright.

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