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Off 5 or more lessons. For those of you working frontline, or have family, financial concerns, or all three due to the impact of Covid 19. I understand that study is the last thing on your mind, and that some of you have had to walk away completely, for now, but please don't give up. For those that can find the time, even if for a few mins a day. At times like this, it is even more important to hold onto your goals, and not lose sight of them. As holding onto our goals, having hope, vision beyond that what we cannot control, is what helps us through it, even if it is hard to do. When this ends, which it will, you will be glad you did. Sending you all light and love Deborah

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Learn Medical English and prepare for the OET, in context, with an experienced English Teacher and British Medical Professional of nearly 20 years.

I currently work frontline, as well as in community settings and have taught English since 2012. I am a Native English speaker with a regional dialect and hold the internationally recognized Cambridge CELTA qualification.

My clinical experience is extensive in the UK healthcare environment, though predominantly frontline, acute medical, A&E and across all medical and surgical disciplines. However, I also have many years of experience in non acute settings, chronic disease treatment, management and mental health.

I hold a qualification in anatomy and physiology and have knowledge of health and fitness. I also practice, as well as teach wellbeing to cope with exam stress.

*Please contact me if you require me to add more availability, or you wish to book a lesson within the next 12 hours, or if you would like to discuss a further discount on lessons, to help achieve your study goals.

The atmosphere in my lessons is relaxed and professional. I aim for you to do at least 70% of the talking. You’ll gain confidence from our lessons, and this will encourage you to practice your English in public without feeling self conscious or afraid to speak.

- Lesson are built around your needs and learning objectives. I set achievable targets that help build your confidence and competence in the areas of English you wish to learn.

- I offer a supportive learning environment that hopefully keeps you motivated and inspired.

- You will receive continuous feedback on you progress.

- You will get to learn language in context, in other words be able to use it in real life situations that are relevant to your life.

- I create and deliver lessons tailored to your learning style, whether that be audial, visual or kinaesthetic.

- I offer a holistic approach to teaching.

Most lessons will include the following components:
1. “warm up" For example, what you did yesterday or at the weekend.
2. Review of our previous lesson, if already taught.
3. Pronunciation exercise: Reading aloud from a short text, role play. To help to correct grammar and pronunciation and understand the context of grammar in written text as well as spoken English.
4. Main activity: We'll use a text, video, or audio sample, pictures to give context to the lesson and to learn the new grammar or vocabulary and reinforce, consolidate what has been taught in previous lessons.
5. Closing: Review of the lesson that day and plan for the next lesson, as well as homework.

At our first lesson, we’ll find out a little about each other. You can tell me about you learning goals and interests in any specific vocabulary, reading and writing skills, you may wish to learn. Whilst I assess your speaking and listening proficiency. I will ask you to estimate your level of proficiency, and what level you are aiming to achieve, as well as how confident you feel you are at speaking and communicating in English.

Areas of speciality: Business/professional English, effective communication, expanding vocabulary, confidence building.

If you have any questions before you make your decision, please send me a message.

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British English



2014 - 2017
Plymouth University - Plymouth
Bsc Professional Development in Nursing
1999 - 2002
Diploma in Adult Nursing Registered Nurse

briefcaseОпыт работы

Registered Nurse
Online Language Teacher
SAYABC - Bejing, China.
Teaching 5-12 years olds. From beginners to pre intermediate.
2012 - 0
Freelance Language Teacher
General English and English for Specific Purposes, Professional English, Medical and General English for Healthcare Professionals.
2012 - 0
Language Teacher
Mountlands International Language School - Exmouth, UK
Teaching English to Young Learners


2016 - 2016
IELTS Teacher Workshop
British Council
2012 - 2012
Plymouth University - Plymouth
Cambridge CELTA, English for Speaker of Other Languages
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