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Building on the experience of nearly twenty years in the teaching of Arabic-speaking them, and ten years in teaching Arabic as a second language to non-native speakers of American, European and Asian nationalities using the latest teaching methods Ktrivh communicative, and through my love for my work and dedication to the success of the educational process I during this the period of my work I aim to achieve the following:
- That I am trying to ensure the success of the educational process in the spirit of one team.
- That learner loves Arabic.
- Be proficient learner different linguistic skills in Arabic writing, reading and listening and speaking, as well as mastery of the rules by practicing the language.
- The learner to be able to communicate with the Arabs in an easy way.
- That the learner to various customs and traditions of Arab culture recognize ....
- The learner to be able to understand what they hear from the Arabs, or Arab media in Arabic.
- Be proficient learner different writing skills.
- To acquire learner writing calligraphy skill, private copying and patch line.
- That the learner who specializes in the study of Arabic dialects practiced tone of Yemen and Egypt's when you need to Talmanma.
- Due to my experience accumulated me the ability to teach Arabic to non-native speakers without having to rely on the translator only when absolutely necessary.
* You teach Arabic from several private in this area as a series of scientific methods "in the book to learn Arabic," adopted at several American universities. In addition to other Arab curricula.
As you teach the language of the Arab media, as well as teach specialized courses in Arabic literature, and some Arabic dialects, especially the tone of Yemen, and the Egyptian.
* Relationship Btalabi always be a relationship of friendship primarily dominated by love, mutual trust and cooperation in the success of the educational process, not a relationship based on material only.
* I love the learner industrious and tenacious lot.
* My goal is not money first and foremost in the teaching of the Arabic language, as is the love of the transfer of Arab culture for those who wish to identify.
* I focus on teaching the Arabic language to the learner's language skills and well understood.
* Adopted in education of the Arabic language on the exercise of the Arabic language communicative way, through dialogues and talk with the learners to apply what they have learned from the vocabulary and rules.
* I focus on teaching the Arabic language to entrust the educated non-classroom activities that the learner can be practiced and applied the language well, especially with the Arabs.
* I would like to offer all facilities for learners of the Arabic language as much potential I have.
* My motto at work "time dearest asset rights," So I respect the time of others, as I like educated people who respect the time.
* Discipline in the appointments of practical basics, because the discipline is one of the reasons for the success of the work.
* Time is the king of the learner, so we should use every minute and again in it, and have the bulk of the time is for the student to practice the language.
* Deliberation and lack of urgency in the transfer of information to learners of practical basics well.
* Honesty and sincerity in teaching Arabic recipes I'd love to have characterized.
 * I like to contribute whatever I can to the success of the educational institution that I work for has, because the organization that my success is a success for me and for the educational process.
* Maintain the secrets of the work of my priorities.
* Deleted laziness and neglect of my recipes.
* Unlike the positive image of the institution where I work from ethics to which I am

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B.A Arabic
Yemen Institute for Arabic Language- YIAL - Sana'a - Yemen
Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers
2006 - 2014
CALES - University of Science and Technology - Sanaa- Yemen
Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

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