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You need help with grammar, writing, listing or you really want to feel comfortable to speak in German? Dont worry, German is not always easy but together we can work on it! You will see results soon!

My name is Sabine and for the moment I am working on my three-lingual PhD in Educational Science in Italy. In my spare time I love to teach German. I have already a lot of online teaching experience as you can see and it would be pleasure to help you with your German!

To learn a language is more than only learn about grammar or writing. Mostly it is also about feeling confident and ready to USE the language in natural situations. With my background in pedagogical and psychological studies I will try to help you to feel more comfortable to use the language in your daily routine. If you want we can focus on an everyday-life practice of your language skills. As I am also a certified systemic coach I can help you with your challenging experiences as an expat in a new country and offer as well CV-training or interview preparation in German.

I think the personal relationship is very important for teaching and so I watch out for the needs of the learner. I work on a very individual and interactive basis and try to include role plays and conversations as well as grammar lessons and the use of media. I really also love to teach kids!

* Test preparations
* CV preparation
* job interview training
* homework
* work on confidence and self-esteem in language use

I would be very happy to hear from you! If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask!

Ciao a tutti! Mi chiamo Sabine e ho vissuto e studiato in Austria e Italia durante gli ultimi 10 anni. Al momento vivo in Sardegna dove faccio il dottorato di ricerca sulla resilienza di donne migranti. Sto insegnando il tedesco da più di 5 anni e ho molta esperienza nelle lezioni online.

Imparare una lingua è molto più che imparare la grammatica o la scrittura. Per lo più si tratta anche di sentirsi sicuri e pronti a usare la lingua in situazioni naturali. Con il mio background in studi pedagogici e psicologici cercherò di aiutarti a sentirti più a tuo agio nell'uso della lingua nella tua routine quotidiana. Se vuoi, possiamo concentrarci su una pratica quotidiana del tuo uso della lingua. Poiché sono anche un counsellor sistemico certificato, posso aiutarti con le tue esperienze come espatriato in un nuovo paese e offrirti anche un aiuto in scrivere il tuo CV o la preparazione ai colloqui di lavoro in tedesco.

Insegnare vuol dire anche costruire un relazione e orientarsi ai bisogni degli studenti. Cerco di fare le lezioni in maniera interattiva usando metodi di role play, uso di media, ovviamente senza trascurare la grammatica.

Sarei molto contenta di ricevere le vostre notizie! Per qualsiasi domanda non esitate a chiedere!

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Austrian German
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PhD in educational science
three-lingual University of Bolzano - Italy
2016 - 2020
Master in Counseling
PantaRei - Sardinia, Italy
2005 - 2011
Bachelor & Master in Science of Education
University of Vienna - Vienna

briefcaseОпыт работы

2014 - 2016
Head of psychotherapy school
Danube University - Krems, Austria
teaching research methods
2012 - 2014
Pedagogue in psychiatric hospital
Hospital Vienna - Vienna
for kids and adolescents
2012 - 2012
German and English Teacher
Intiwawa - Peru
teaching german and english to peruvian kids
2007 - 2008
Erasmus - exchange student
Università degli Studi Firenze - Firenze
2016 - 0
German Teacher
Acli - Sardinia, Italy
teaching german to adults

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