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Hi! My name is Carmen, and I'm a Spanish teacher. Now the obvious things are out of the way, here are some things you may not know. My name means 'poem' in Latin, and I kind of like that. I was born in Granada, a cute city in the south of Spain where Carmen means 'big house with garden'. There, I graduated in philosophy, and learnt there is a word in my language to name the colour clouds turn at sunset. Amazed by that, I moved to Madrid to study arts and, trying to see as many of those clouds as possible, travelled a lot. I ended up in Boston, Massachusetts, where I became a Spanish teacher so I could discuss the details of that colour with everyone (I should add that we discussed other things, too). Back in Madrid, I decided I wanted to know how a human learns to use colours that don't exist in his or her mother tongue, and got a master's degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Now, I'm living in London, where I continue my cloud research (English skies often have one or two...), and I'm here, on Verbling, willing to teach you the name of that sunset colour and every other crucial word you need to know in my language. For those less interested in clouds, I have experience in teaching Spanish for travel, business and medicine, academic Spanish, Hispanic literature and much more.

If you can't find available slots in my calendar, don't worry: I'll return by the time the swallows are preparing their flight to Africa. Which in other words means I'll be back here after my summer break. And you can already book your lessons with me for September. See you all then!

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Опыт и знания в обучении

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Выше среднего
Castilian Spanish
Accent Reduction
Business Spanish
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction



2014 - 2015
Masters in Spanish Language: Research and Professional Practices
Autonomous University of Madrid - Madrid, Spain
2009 - 2010
Voice-over Course
School of Acting and Dubbing 'Rafael Alberti' - Madrid, Spain
2006 - 2008
Diploma in Visual Arts
University of Arts and Performances TAI - Madrid, Spain
2001 - 2006
Graduated in Philosophy
University of Granada - Granada, Spain

Опыт работы

2012 - 2018
Private Spanish Tutor
Business Spanish, Hispanic Culture and Literature, Academic Language, etc.
2015 - 2018
Freelance translator
Academic papers, legal documents, résumés, website content, creative writing.
2015 - 2015
Royal Spanish Academy - Madrid, Spain
2011 - 2012
Spanish Teacher
Spanish Immersion Jamaica Plain & Brookline - Boston, U.S.
Introductory Spanish Classes for groups
2008 - 2010
Supporting Language Teacher
Spain's Ministry of Education - Itinerary Classrooms of Circuses Program


2014 - 2015
Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language
Autonomous University of Madrid - Madird, Spain
Official Master's degree

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