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Teaching English has become a passion of mine in recent times. Spending time with a student and seeing them progress or just seeing how much they enjoy learning English, is a joy to me. I have taught over 2000 students on a world leading on-line platform and met students from many parts of the globe. Verbling gives me an opportunity to help committed students from many other countries. Business English, Hospitality English, Travel English are just some of my speciality subjects. In addition, if you are preparing a public speaking presentation in English, I have had extensive experience in mentoring others as well as doing my own presentations to audiences of over 3000. Why don't we get together for a trial session to see what we can achieve together.

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ESL Tutor
TutorABC - Asia
As an Online ESl Tutor, I have mentored over 2000 students. These range beginners to advanced students, both adults, teenagers and children. These students live in many countries and all have the desire to improve their English proficiency so that they can interact with English speakers all over the world.
1996 - 2015
Business Owner
Paragon Window Cleaning - Newcastle, Australia
I managed and operated several successful window cleaning businesses for a total of 18 years. I personally provided window cleaning services to more than 1,000 commercial and domestic clients in five different locations throughout Eastern Australia. As manager and operator, I was responsible for marketing, cold canvassing (growing the client base), and communicating and liaising with clients, suppliers, and service providers through face to face, electronic and telephone interactions. I became proficient in effective PR techniques with clients and providers. When each business was established in a location and operating successfully, I sold it and relocated to set up a new one in another location. The sale of each business required my training the new owners to successfully operate the business, including window cleaning techniques and business procedures.


2014 - 2014
Advanced Diploma of TESOL
Australasian Training Academy - Brisbane, Australia
Advanced Diploma with course electives including Business English, Travel English and Teaching Children

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