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✨Is your English bad or embarrassing? Do you want to take 30 minute lessons from a teacher who will give you clear and achievable learning goals? Do you want to achieve a C1 advanced level of English?✨

Hello! I'm Gary, a full time, TEFL Certified, professional English teacher who has taught over 1000+ private lessons online through Verbling and EF English First (this company also has a 30 minute lesson format). I teach elementary level students (A2) to upper intermediate students (B2) who are ages 12 and up. My goal is for you to reach a C1 advanced level in English.

I teach 30 minute lessons because scientific studies I've read have shown the average maximum attention span for an adult, without taking a break, is 20 minutes. The first 10 minutes of my class consists of conversation or "free talk," and the next 20 minutes of the class is focused on working on your weaknesses.

When you take lessons with me you will be sent a placement test that will tell us what your level is and exactly what we need to improve in order to raise it to a C1 advanced level. Please take this test and send it to me BEFORE your first lesson. I will message you about the placement test.

The placement test clearly establishes your learning goals and what we will need to work during the lessons.

Once the test has been reviewed you will learn about the mistakes you've made, how to fix them so that you can speak better, and you will also complete homework assignments (the homework includes writing practice) until you have learned how to stop making all the mistakes you made. I use a website called off2class.com for my lesson materials and teaching system.

My lessons focus on pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, and there is also writing practice in many of the homework assignments. I review the homework assignments in the next class with you. Please see my video introduction above to see what off2class looks like.

I also make sure you learn connected speech, or how native speakers really speak and pronounce words when they are not in formal situations. For example, you will probably not hear, "I am going to go to the beach," in casual conversations, but rather "I'm gonna go to the beach." Learning this will also help your ability to listen and understand spoken English.

⭐Finally, when you can complete the placement test without making any mistakes, then congratulations, your lessons are finished and you are now considered a C1 advanced level in English! Congratulations!⭐

In closing, I care that you succeed and have fun while doing so as I'm a language learner myself. Please book a lesson today with me today and let's get started!

Kind Regards,
Gary M.

Booking Prices, Information and Policies:
✨I offer 30 minute lessons only! Use the coupon HOCPN to get the reduced price for my 30 minute lessons!
I have received Verbling permission to make this offer as well. " You will still book the time for one hour on the calendar though, see more details at the Booking Instructions section below.

⭐Booking Instructions⭐
Verbling does not currently have a button book a 30 minute lesson, so you will still reserve one hour on the calendar when you schedule your lesson. This is what's known as a "workaround" in English. Don't worry, the rate you pay with the HOCPN coupon factors in that the lesson is half the time.

Please book your lessons on the calendar at start of the hour, not at half hour intervals. For example: book from 12-1 or from 1-2, not 12:30-1:30 or 1:30-2:30. You can choose whatever time you would like the 30 minute lesson to be after you book the lesson, for example, if you book the lesson on the calendar from 1-2 and you would like the lesson to take place from 1:30-2, that's fine! Just message me the time!

✨I pay for and create an account for each of my students and you will have your own account that you can access while you're taking lessons with me to review anything we went over and also to complete homework assignments to help you remember what you learned.

✨I only have enough student accounts for 40 students, so if you aren't taking lessons at least once a week, I cannot continue to teach you. I know there are holidays and special temporary circumstances, which is okay as long as you tell me about it. If you do not book a subsequent lesson or contact me in 7 days your off2class.com account will automatically be deleted. If you decide to book again later, you will have to take the placement test again.

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Опыт и знания в обучении

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American English



2013 - 2014
Master of Arts (incomplete) - Media Communications
Webster University and Regent's University London - Online and in London, UK
I lived and studied with students from Chile, Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain. They recommended that I teach English.
2014 - 2014
Summer in Spain
Life Experience - Sitges, Barcelona, and Madrid, Spain
While taking online university courses during the summer I left London and lived in Sitges, Spain with a local resident. I helped her with her English and I also visited other friends in Barcelona and Madrid and helped them with their English while I toured the Plaça de Catalunya and El Escorial
2011 - 2012
Bachelor of Applied Science - Supervision & Administration
University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida
I completed courses in professional writing and editing, expository writing, management, HR, accounting, training and development, and industrial and organizational psychology
2007 - 2011
Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees
Eastern Florida State College - Melbourne, Florida
I completed the AA degree first in 2010 and the AS degree in 2011.

briefcaseОпыт работы

Member of Oxford Teachers' Club
Oxford University Press - Oxford, UK
Online English Instructor - Independent Contractor
EF Education First - Online-China
Certified and teaching English as a foreign language to students ages 5-12 - Over 600 lessons taught! This also means I have a background check done every 6 months.
2017 - 2019
Guest Specialist and Team Lead
TTEC and Booking.com - Florida
Worked as a guest specialist at Booking.com responding to issues regarding reservations, also I had a team of 22 agents when I was promoted. Worked with an international-multilingual team around the world to help guests while based at a call center with Spanish and Portuguese speakers
2014 - 2014
Teaching English as a Second Language Instructor - Seasonal
Netherhall Education Association - Hampstead, London, UK
Taught 11 students from Quito, Ecuador in a classroom setting, I also helped lead them on tours to Windsor Castle, Westminster, Oxford University, and Cambridge University


2017 - 2017
Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners
TEFL Fullcircle - Online (London based company)
40 hour certificate, part of a 160 hour TEFL program, accredited through ACCREDITAT UK, see here https://www.teflfullcircle.com/accreditation/
2017 - 2017
Advanced Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
TEFL Fullcircle - Online (London based company)
120 Hour Certificate, part of a 160 Hour TEFL Program, accredited through ACCREDITAT UK, see here https://www.teflfullcircle.com/accreditation/

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