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Hello! I’m 29 years old and I’m a native Spanish speaker from Venezuela. I love to help people from all ages to learn and practice my language. I have taught over 4000 online sessions and I have gathered enough experience to understand the common struggles suffered while learning or mastering this language, as well as the best ways to overcome them.

Don't feel bad about your mistakes, you just need to work and practice to improve; but one thing I promise you: It will be easier than what you think. Learning a language is a major thing in life and we tend to feel that it takes ages to improve, but that's not true, if you really want to improve a certain area it will only take a few sessions, no matter how hard it is.

And now, about myself: I have a major in Accounting and have been working independently for a couple of years. I took English lessons for three years when I was a kid and since that I’ve been highly involved in the language, so if you don’t feel too confident with Spanish yet, we can definitely manage to communicate.

I’m offering you Spanish lessons. I can teach you the language from ZERO if you don't know anything yet, and I have a method that has proven to work great for beginners! If you are on a intermediate/advanced level, I can also help you improve your conversational skills by identifying your overall weaknesses and working on them right away!

And so, without further ado, let's take your Spanish speaking skills to the next level!

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"Gerardo is rocking it with me! He's a very patient teacher for this old dude, and practices many skills at a pace that I can handle. Conjugation, conversation, reading aloud, and listening are all worked on each lesson. An hour goes by very fast. Super Maestro!” - J.R, United States

“ Gerardo is an excellent teacher and very patient. He meets the expectations of his pupils and the clases are always a lot of fun. Thankyou!” - Katharina, Germany
“Gerardo is a wonderful teacher, I highly recommend him. I look forward to my next class” - Anne, Australia

“Great teacher! Slow enough pace for a beginner, yet challenging the student. Great teacher to work with, highly recommend!” - Nina, Finland

“Gerardo was great and quickly picked up what level I was at and what I needed from the lesson. His English is perfectly fluent” - Vasilis, United Kingdom

“Gerardo always offers really satisfactory classes--he asks a lot of questions so I can try to explain myself and I always feel comfortable making mistakes during our conversation. He waits for me to try to express myself which is something I really need. Thanks, Gerardo!” - Jun, Japan

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Latin American Spanish



2015 - 2016
Secondary Education Teaching Diploma
Universidad del Zulia - Zulia, Venezuela
2009 - 2012
Accounting Degree
Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin - Zulia, Venezuela

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