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Since I have done quite a number of live lessons and gained some followers I have so far had great experiences all round. I hope to have many great experiences from a diverse range of people here on Verbling. I really enjoy the multiculturalism aspect of Verbling very much. I have tutored people in Middle Eastern countries, Europe, South America, Russia and Thailand. I enjoy these experiences as I would have never been able to tutor people from other countries besides Thailand.
I have recently gained experience with IELTS and TOEFL speaking practice here on Verbling. I am a native speaker from Canada and Australia. Do you get flustered, frustrated or perplexed when you practice speaking the speaking sections of IELTS or TOEFL? Think of it like a sport, sport speaking as you are constantly timed. "On your mark" "Get set" "Go" and "Stop". I can help you with word choice issues or grammar issues you may have after speaking your IELTS or TOEFL speaking question answers. I really enjoy helping people with IELTS or TOEFL speaking practice, it is a lot of fun.
I have also gained experience with the MARLIN'S ENGLISH TEST for MARINERS. I found this particular English test quite interesting because a mariner would also teach me about their open sea experiences from basic ship vocabulary to duties performed by the mariner. I'd use youtube examples of the entire test so the mariner can practice the test questions with a native speaker. I am also keen to help people who need to take the Marlin's English test for Cruise Ship Employees as well.
I am now gaining some excellent tutoring experiences here on Verbling with a wide variety of people from different countries and cultures. For two years I tutored English on line to Japanese people from all walks of life with a couple of Japanese based on line tutor companies. For eight years I taught Listening and Speaking/Conversation to mostly Thai high school students in Thai government high schools E.P. and non E.P. Class sizes varied between 20 to 45 students sheewwww. Occasionally I taught Thai adults at local factories and small language schools.
I am always on the look out for new English learners here on Verbling. I can help with your specific needs from conversation and role play scenarios or if you need to practice IELTS or TOEFL speaking sections check out a lot of new packages I have developed.
I look forward to tutoring you.

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