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Hello everyone! / ¡Hola a todos!

And bienvenidos to my profile. If you wanted to start learning Spanish or improve your level, you've come to the right person :)
I've been a Spanish tutor on several occasions to foreign students that have come to the Canary Islands and also for students in France during my internship in Tours, France. I've also been an English Tutor plenty times for young Spanish students.


For the lessons, I like to adapt to the needs of the student, after all, you're the ones that are learning! For that, I prefer to carry out a conversation with the student during the first lesson, so I can evaluate their level, see what are their strengths and what they need to reinforce. It's a normal process (similar to an interview) through which the teacher gets to know a bit better the students and their specific necessities.

After the first lesson with each student, the general methodology I like to employ in class is the following:

10 mins of presentation and tongue-twister
15/20 mins of theory
20/25 mins of practice
10 mins to play a game/ ask questions/ do a free activity

But again, it all depends on the student's preferences. If the student prefers other kind of disposition we can look for one that fits them better.

If you let me, I will show you that learning Spanish can be very easy, entertaining and fun. I hope to see you in my lessons in the future.
¡Hasta pronto!

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Опыт и знания в обучении

Выше начального
Выше среднего
Castilian Spanish
Children (4-11)
Teenagers (12-18)
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Proficiency Assessment
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction



2013 - 2017
Grado en Traducción e Interpretación inglés - francés
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España
Especializada en español, inglés y francés.

Опыт работы

2017 - 2017
13 Magnum Tattoo - Av. de San Sebastián, 71, 38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Traducción de documentos francés - español para la empresa 13 Magnum Tattoo.
2015 - 2016
Profesora de español para extranjeros
Tours, Francia
Clases particulares de español a compañeros de clase


2018 - 2018
Profesora de español para extranjeros
Cálamo Educación S.L. - C/SAN MARCOS 39-41, 28004 MADRID
Especialización en enseñanza de español para alumnos extranjeros

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