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I am a certified examiner for TestDaF and telc, and I specialize in test preparation (Goethe-Zertifikat, GDS, TestDaF, telc, ÖSD, Abitur, A-Level and AP German) and application training.
I offer both general and intensive German language courses, and specific classes of grammar, conversation, writing, test preparation, proofreading, presentation/interview preparation, and application training. (Please find here below the details.)
My focus is on intermediate and advanced German learners, who need a higher level of accuracy and fluency in terms of exposition, argumentation and self-expression.
I had been teaching German at one of the most prestigious language schools in Berlin for over six years. I hold a Magister (German equivalent to the master's degree) in Germanistics (German language, literature, and history) from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2001), and a teaching certificate of German as a foreign language from Goethe-Institut München (2010). Before becoming a language teacher, I was a journalist for six years at a local newspaper in Potsdam. Currently, I am working on my bachelor's degree in psychology at Fernuniversität in Hagen.
It would be a great honor and pleasure for me to become a part of your language and/or career project(s). I look forward to working together with you, and establishing a collaborative relationship that would inspire and motivate both of us!



● Proficiency evaluation
● Lessons at your own individual needs and learning style
● Various learning materials
● Conversation oriented lessons
● Error correction of your written texts
● 50 available time-slots each week
● Unlimited correspondence between lessons



📚 General German Language Course

A lack of motivation is the major barrier to our learning. Therefore, progress needs to be made each and every time for us to form a positive feedback loop and build an effective working relationship with each other.

A class usually consists of three parts: questions from homework and/or self-learning, an introduction and explanation of themed vocabulary and grammar, and a conversation to practice and integrate the new words and rules into speaking. The approach will be further adjusted based on your German level, learning style, short-term and long-term goals.

You are welcome to schedule a trial lesson with me, so that we can talk about the possible ways that we could structure the course and put things into details.

📚 German Test Preparation (Goethe-Zertifikat, GDS, TestDaF, telc, ÖSD, etc.)

Language examinations are not only about the language itself. It is therefore crucial for us to learn how the exam is designed, what types of knowledge are tested, and by what criteria you are judged. To ace the exam, we have to feed the examiners exactly what they expect to read and hear from you.

📚 German Grammar Course

The Four Horsemen of German grammar are grammatical gender, adjective declension, verbs with prepositions, and subordinate clauses. It is not difficult to learn the rules and exceptions, but rather to apply them.

This course aims to integrate the grammar into daily conversations by automatizing the process.

📚 German Conversation Course

Generally speaking, words that we can comprehend and respond to (receptive vocabulary) are up to ten times more than the ones that we can express and speak out (productive vocabulary). But there are always reasons why we are not able to express ourselves in an efficient, effective, and well-mannered way.

This course targets at the transition from receptive vocabulary to productive vocabulary. Together, we will diagnose the problem(s), look for solutions, and further work on the four domains of speaking: pronunciation, fluency, the command and range of vocabulary, and grammatical errors.

📚 German Writing Course

Not everyone is a writer, but all have their opinions. This course is not about creative writing, but how to form an argument and structure an essay. Besides, writing is not only a way of communication, but also an efficient method to enlarge your vocabulary and enrich your language skills.

The course guides you through the process of producing and refining a German text.

📚 Business German

Business German courses for engineers, medical staff, journalists, and teachers.

📚 German Literature

This course leads you to native-like proficiency in German through intensive reading.

We will select and read together certain literary, philosophical, theological, and/or historical texts that you are interested in. Each lesson begins with a detailed analysis of the text, and ends up with a free discussion of the relevant topic on the basis of close reading. You will also be asked to present and write a summary of the text.

📚 Application Training / Interview Preparation / Presentation Preparation

Persuasion is an art. This course is about how to introduce yourself, present your insights & ideas, and market your expertise & experience in German. It helps you to prepare for your job interview, thesis defense, and conference presentation.

The style of your presentation is determined by its subject and audience. Together, we will go through your résumé, motivation letter, and/or speech draft, and improve your interview/presentation performance.

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Standard German



1995 - 2001
Magister (German equivalent to the master's degree)
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin, Germany
Germanistics (German language, literature, and history)

briefcaseОпыт работы

2010 - 2016
Hartnackschule Berlin - Berlin, Germany


2010 - 2010
Grundlagen und Konzepte des DAF-Unterrichts
Goethe-Institut München - München, Germany

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