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Hello everyone, my name is Carl and I was born in Canada. I have a passion for teaching, and believe teaching like learning should be fun to get the most out of it.
I focus on Pronunciation using Phonetics (what does it sound like). Most of my students struggle, because they are still using their native sounds while speaking English, which is why they usually have a strong accent. In my classes we keep it simple and go back to basics, discussing the sounds that each letter of the English Alphabet make, it’s Vowels and Consonants, and then moving on to Syllables and how that changes the Intonation of their speaking.
Speaking is sound, and sound is physical, it is all about the parts of the mouth being in the correct position, so if the parts of your mouth are in the same position as mine, we will make the same sound. You don’t have to think about it, it just happens.
There are 26 letters in the English Alphabet, but there are a minimum of between 39 and 48 sounds, depending on which accent you wish to use.
It is much easier for you to memorize 48 sounds than it is to memorize 4,000 words! Once you do this, you will have a neutral accent, and then you can decide how you wish to change these to sound more American, English or Australian etc.
So if you are determined to improve your English Language Skills, and you are looking for a teacher who believes that teaching and learning are about having fun while learning in order to produce the best results I hope you will contact me, and give me an opportunity to help you achieve your goals.
Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Adults (18+)
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1976 - 1978
Kings College, University of Western Ontario

Опыт работы

Radio Reliance Asia Pacific
VP and Chief Operating Officer
2014 - 2015
CIP (Clark Institute of the Philippines)
ESL Teacher
2013 - 2014
ILC (International Language Center) System Plus College
ESL Teacher
2009 - 2011
One Global Contact Center
Operations Manager
1990 - 1993
Cedar Project
Project Co-ordinator/Counsellor
1991 - 1993
Dept. of Education for Greater London
Co-ordinator for Health and Drug Education
1985 - 1986
Robarts School for the Deaf, through (ParaMed Health Services)
Health Assistant

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