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Hello. My name is Vinny. I have 5+ years of teaching experience with both children and adults, groups and individuals, in classroom settings as well as online tutoring. I have lived and taught English in several countries throughout Asia. I have a Bachelor's degree and TEFL certification. I specialize in automated, technology-enhanced language learning. My goal is help you learn to speak and understand English like a native speaker.

I have taught English in Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and online. I have taught a wide range of students including business professionals, kids, and Buddhist monks. I am also a writer, researcher and web developer. I created a website ( to help students learn English better and faster. On my website you can find lots of useful information, articles, study tips, and flashcards to help you learn English. Please see my website to learn more about my methods.

~My teaching methods ~
My teaching style is fun, low-pressure and relaxed. I will teach you to learn English at your MAXIMUM speed. All my methods are based on the study habits of polyglots, people who can speak many languages fluently. With these methods, you can learn English much faster than conventional methods. I will teach you how to study English on your own using the best language-learning technologies.

I always use native speaker content. You can learn from English movies, TV shows, videos on the internet and comic books! You will never get bored studying English with me. I will teach you how to study English effectively and efficiently. You will learn English during the lessons and after using my smart flashcard system. I have designed a very effective multimedia flashcard system that will automate your learning. My flashcards include text, pictures, and sound. When I'm not teaching you, my smart flashcards will be teaching you in the background every day.

~About me~
I love to learn new things. I enjoy teaching because I love to learn. I read LOTS of books. I love to learn from other people and share my skills. I like building technology-assisted learning systems. I'm a language learner. I have studied Thai, Japanese and Spanish. I taught myself to speak and understand Spanish fluently in less than two years. I have an extremely wide range of cultural experience. I've lived in four different countries. My hobbies/interests include polyglots, computers, technology video games, plant medicines and shamans, yoga, history, culture, traveling, and filmmaking.

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Опыт и знания в обучении

Выше начального
Выше среднего
American English
Children (4-11)
Teenagers (12-18)
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Proficiency Assessment
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Accent Reduction
Business English
Colloquial English
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction



2006 - 2010
Bachelor of Science in Radio/TV/Film and Asian Studies
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Focus on educational video, especially documentaries about travel and culture

Опыт работы

Independent Online English Tutor
Teach adult students through video lessons; Create personalized curricula and learning materials for all my students -Track students' progress and plan for their continuous improvement
Online English Tutor and Website Administrator - online
Created a comprehensive English speed-learning program based on the self-study habits of polyglots; Write and edit online learning resources and content; Provide study guidance and advice; Manage students' digital flashcard systems; Develop and test new methodology
2015 - 2015
English Teacher
Tamwood International - Whistler, B.C. CANADA
Taught English to Japanese middle-school students for short-term summer English camp; Designed entertaining games and activities tailored to my students background and English level
2013 - 2014
English Teacher
Interac America - Hiroshima, Japan
Taught English to elementary and junior high school students in public schools; Created and designed new curriculum for all of my elementary school students; Managed and tracked the progress of over 20 different classes at 8 different schools
2012 - 2012
English Teacher
Sasang-gu Global Acadamy - Busan South Korea
Designed lesson plans and created original learning materials; Taught other subjects in English including math, science, and cooking
2010 - 2011
English Teacher
Various schools and Employers - Bangkok Thailand
Worked as a private tutor for Buddhist monks; Also worked short contracts teaching English at several elementary schools in the greater Bangkok area


2012 - 2012
TEFL Certification
International TEFL Teacher Training - online

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